Q: How can I contact you?
A: The easiest way would be via IRC. You can find me in #Mori on irc.rizon.net. I have a bouncer running 24/7 so if I don’t reply to your message then I’m probably just not at my computer, but I’ll see it when I next log back in. Otherwise, you can message me on Twitter at @MoriSubs.

Q: Can I use your script for my BD/foreign language/whatever release?
A: Sure. Feel free to take my translations and edit or improve on them in whatever way you wish.

Q: Are you really just 1 person, or are you a group of people?
A: Just 1 person, but I’ve had people help out with some things on a few of my releases before. The majority of my releases are done entirely by myself, though.

Q: Can I join [Mori]?
A: No. While I appreciate that you want to help out, turning [Mori] into a group of people would defeat the entire purpose. I created [Mori] as an outlet to get my translations out quickly and without the hassle and drama that comes with being in a group.

Q: Will you join my group, then?
A: No.

Q: Well, can we do a joint project together? I’ll even release it as [MyGroup-Mori]!
A: No.

Q: Can you, I dunno, translate just this one small section of this show for us?
A: If it’s just one or two signs, or maybe a spoken sentence or two, ask me in my IRC channel and if it’s not going to take me more than like a minute I’ll probably do it for you. Just don’t ask me to do an entire episode.

Q: Can I request a show, movie, OVA, or some specials to be translated?
A: Sure. My translation backlog is still pretty big, but there’s no real harm in asking if I want to translate something. Either message me on IRC, or let me know on any other social media or websites you might see me on.