Give it a try. For example, will take you to to  Don’t add “www” to the beginning, it (for most of them) won’t work.

I’ve so far added a little over 40 different blogs and websites to this list. If you know of a group which I have not set up a redirect for, let me know and I’ll get one up. Obviously, I can’t add one if the group doesn’t have a blog or website to begin with.

Oh, and this isn’t supposed to be like a major thing so I’ll remove this blog post in a couple of days.

EDIT: now lists just about all of the redirects I’ve set up.

A “special program” will be airing during the timeslot and is the reason it’s being pushed back, not sure what that program is. In any case, no raws will be available for the episode so it’ll be literally impossible to get it out.

Episode 6 will air the following week during the regular timeslot, but I’m not sure if it’ll be a double episode. Probably won’t be.