There’s an XDCC bot, uh, on IRC. Here’s the packlist:

Join #Mori on port 6667 or whatever, I think a bunch of ports 6660-6670 or 7000 work.

Type in “/msg SaberLily xdcc send (insert pack number here, leave out the hash, quotation marks, and brackets)”

The XDCC bot SaberLily is managed by OblivionShadow. We’ll, you know, see what happens with the new Nyaa Pantsu thingo and whatever too.

Now, this one I didn’t actually translate myself. However, I was the one who commissioned An_Chan (H manga translator who also does stuff for Kaitou I guess) to do this one since, well, I don’t really need to tell anyone how much I HATE typesetting, do I? And translating manga manga is heavy on redrawing and typesetting. So why spend time on it when I can get someone to do it for me? Not to mention I’ve barely had enough time to translate anime due to work.

So anyway, I’ve given An_Chan permission to just upload it straight to Sadpanda for everyone to read. Link here.

If you want to download it directly, there’s a MegaNZ link here.

I commissioned this one because it’s, in my opinion, the greatest doujinshi ever drawn, and I’m pretty sure a lot of you already know just how much I love glasses. And I’m sharing it with everyone since, well, I commissioned it so that everyone could read it in English. (I haven’t even read the finished translation. I assume it’s okay.)

Hopefully after reading this, you will all come to love glasses as much as I do. Enjoy.