4 Thoughts on “Dagashi Kashi – Episode 05

  1. Thanks as always, Mori!

  2. Mori, in the subs you comment that the You’s Channel pun is untranslatable, ¿can you try to explain it to us? And congratulations for the new site.

    • Oh, it’s just like when he’s saying “Yo, yo, yo!” it’s his name, You, but it only works in Japanese because よ (“yo” but lengthened out a bit in this instance with an “u” sound) is often used at the end of a sentence just like when he was saying “Yo, yo, yo!” but we don’t do that in English, so it can’t really translate over properly.

  3. konatasan22 on February 9, 2016 at 22:13 said:

    Hey Mori, I’m sorry for acting like an ass on your work. I really wanted to give you some advice but i fucked up.

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